From this side of the pond…

As someone who came up glued to my radio and/or record player throughout my youth, it has saddened and angered me to know end to see how the state of Radio in these United States has evolved.

Where it was once a blast to tune into the Top 10 At 10 to hear the top tunes (which back then was a pretty good mix of things), it’s now insufferable to even turn it on. Every station is so pigeon-holed, homogenized, sanitized and unionized…and the folks listening are pretty much de-sensitized. Like Elvis C. once sang:

And the radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools
Tryin’ to anaesthetise the way that you feel

And truer words couldn’t be spoken, even if they somehow came nearly thirty years ago. From city to city, you now hear the same voices, playing the same dreary rotation, with the same adds at the quarter-hours, with the same stupid Morning Zoo/(insert name) In The Morning kinda contests.

How miserable is it that a Northeast kid here in Houston has to tune in to a radio station (and a great one at that) broadcast from the cities of London and Manchester, U.K., to get anything worth a quarter of a listen?? Horrible.

Between England’s XFM Radio (and their fine spinners), and other U.K. publications like Mojo, Q, New Music Express, etc., you can get phenomenal content that you can’t get locally. I know there a couple of GREAT outfits remaining Stateside, but there is something cool about tuning in to hear my British brothers and sisters doing their thing, bringing the great tunage.

So in that spirit, here’s a newer face on the scene named Michael Kiwanuka. He’s London-born and of Ugandan heritage, and he may be The Next Big (And Talented) Thing. When I first heard him I thought of the great Bill Withers, Paul Williams of the Temptations, as well as Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding.

His debut EP, I’m Getting Ready, is a brilliant three-tune hint of bigger and better things as he’s puts the finishing touches on is first full-length release. You can catch it on iTunes as well as Spotify, and better yet you can see some great videos on YouTube.

If you’re tired of the Rihannas, Katys, Disney kids and sub-par mish-mash that The Powers That Be have been feeding you, give this a spin. And drop a line to let me know what YOU think…

Michael Kiwanuka : I\’m Getting Ready (Live)